2016 Mercedes-Benz S600 Maybach | Driven: Car Review |

This is a very well-known brand this not so much Maybach traces its lunch real any interest in 1909 and 1960 Daimler Benz bought the mark where it lay dormant until the 2004 model year the resurrected Maybach produced cars averaging four hundred and $20,000 a copy running headlong into the Great Recession the brand saying like Lehman Brothers Maybach now and ultra-luxury some random Mercedes-Benzes much like a mgs 4 months and it's more affordable throw at two hundred and $4,000.10 

I'm guessing not many buyers are cross shopping it with camera at the court thing of the long regal Maybach is an overachiever yes class with wheelbase stretch nearly 8 inches to benefit those in the rear taking off Bentley Mulvane and Rolls Royce Ghost  doc is richly appointed cameras can't do the LED light pipe injustice the burger store audio system looks as dramatic as it sounds by Bob owners will probably spend an awful lot of time back here 

so I will to the seats are heated and cooled a massage teacher and their infinitely adjustable write down to power leg rests making this the fastest and most luxurious lazy boy on the planet each seat gets its own useful table you'll have expected a flight attendant to arrive with artisan church you during all sorts of things can be controlled back here that would include climates plus cooled and heated cup holders decelerate corporate takeovers there are Rob and working silver plated flute and don't worry they won't tip over and take terms of course there's a fridge to keep your butt bleed perfectly chilled I'm going to guess he's on a more for wine or champagne but this is all I have  206 liter Turbo b12 gracefully summons 523 horsepower  and 612 pound feet of torque imperceptible dealerships come from the 7 speed automatic fish / gas paddle shifters powered by the back wheels  Maybach  is not slow this machine with her that the 60 miles an hour in about 5 seconds and I do mean with her it's very quiet so is the design which is quite understandable I bought seems to draw attention wherever it goes to drive a Honda Civic if you want to go on noticed some cars have adjustable suspension is 

Maybach  has magic body control their words not mine I was looking at the road and scan for things like a hole then the system impressed with suspension for when the tires headed to Brian quality can only be described as a strained it is not sloppy though my boss feels lighter on its feet than you might imagine fuel economy is not Maybach strike that shouldn't surprise golden premium the EPA race it at 13 City 20 highway even with the Auto Start Stop feature on  its my biggest gripes in startup  is a little sluggish it can be turned off those rare occasions 

where owners ride up front scooby and lightning small in present touches are everywhere seats don't just massage the side bolsters are after the whole passengers in place when cornering the command user interface has not been my favorite but it is better now with a touchpad that allows for page swipe and the ability to enter text by writing got the love that refrigerator 

I feel something large needs to go into the trunk celebrating good times but still on practicality keep in mind it's someone easy to remove form of those for a car this size that's the only place the S 600 Maybach doesn't impress if you can afford the base price of one hundred and $90,000 but comparing two bowls on and goes to that sack in the scoring an air made briefcase at Ford's drum rack Maybach has been down for the count twice in the past  looks like the third time is a charm
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